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  • Allgone LLC pH health paradigm product Cleanshield launched in Nigeria and Ghana
  • A Health “SpaceX” business launch for distributors
  • High business “orbit” platform built carefully over 17 years
  • Cleanshield product destined for households, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s  offices

THIS cannot be missed. A distributor launch for a product from a platform carefully built for 17 years. Those who act now can join a product business launch destined to reach homes across Africa, even as a similar launch is in motion in the USA. After 50 years of research followed by over 12 years of field study and seeding trials and broad market exposure over 10 nations, 

NOW, Allgone LLC (manufacturer in CA, USA) is introducing a direct distribution strategy to bring Cleanshield to every household, hospital, and doctor’s office … AND is looking for select, limited distributors for strategic partnership. This unique opportunity introduces a strongly vetted product that carries a wide spectrum of application. 

LOOKING back at its historical track record, the extraordinary efficacy of Cleanshield has become obvious in the marketplace.  It is time to present these products to prime select distributors, not as a new product, but as a proven health boosting supplement that has helped hundreds of thousands in many nations.

YOU are on this landing page to make a direct connection to Allgone LLC, the US manufacturer firm in California, in order to take into your hand this exciting opportunity to explode this product into Africa. This product cannot be limited to the US, but due to its benefits and characteristics is perfectly positioned for Africa…and beyond.

FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW in order to connect directly with us…and take the steps to get on board as a Cleanshield distributor. We will promptly connect with you and answer all questions about your pathway into this prosperous, health producing business.  This form will provide key information for efficient connection.


Allgone LLC
Torrance, CA, USA
Per Anderson | CEO
Phone: +1 310 780 9052

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